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First Choice Business Brokers offers the largest selection of businesses for sale in San Diego County and is constantly adding new businesses. These businesses are listed exclusively by First Choice and are not available on any co-operative (MLS) system or through other brokers.

We offer businesses with a wide range of asking prices from as low as $20,000 up to $50 million dollars. We also offer select Franchise start-ups for sale.

Our goal is to provide the buyer with as much information as possible about the different businesses so that they can make an informed decision. Buyers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before sensitive information such as the business name, address, and financials can be released.

A buyer should be prepared to give our agents information as to the type of business they may be interested in, the amount of cash they are working with, the amount of income they require from the business and the decision as to who will be running the business.

Once a buyer has selected an industry or business they have an interest in, our staff of agents can assist in providing information to help determine if that business fits their needs.

Unlike a home purchase, many sellers are willing to carry a note on the business if the buyer makes a sufficient down payment – typically at least 50% down. The business transaction can often be completed in 1 or 2 months.

We act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. We will assist the buyer in writing and presenting offers to the Seller, deal negotiations, opening escrow, and guiding the buyer through the due diligence period and helping them meet any contingencies such as lease approval and financing.

We work with both buyers and sellers to structure purchases that meet all parties' requirements and cash needed to close.

We help our Clients make sure that at the closing of the transaction, all necessary paperwork is completed to ensure a smooth transition.