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First Choice Business Brokers of San Diego North County

Proudly serving the Southern California business community since 1994.


Company Overview 

First Choice Business Brokers was established in 1994 and has had a presence in beautiful San Diego County since 2007.  We offer unsurpassed experience and exceptional service that focuses on business brokerage, M & A Advisory and Practice Sales.  We provide expertise in business transactions across a variety of industries and transaction sizes of $50,000 to $50 million. 

With offices across the United States we offer local service with national exposure providing sellers with the largest audience of qualified buyers and we offer buyers the largest inventory of businesses for sale. 

The San Diego office is owned and operated by Bryan Gonzales, JD-MBA. Mr. Gonzales has more than 25 years as a Broker, Business Owner-Operator and Attorney. In this time, Mr. Gonzales has been involved with hundreds of successful transactions for businesses of all sizes in several industries.  

Let our significantly experienced, highly trained and seasoned professionals assist you in your business venture whether buying or selling.  Our passionate team and our comprehensive processes and systems will get the job done!

If you’re looking to buy or sell an existing business or franchise, you've come to the right place. We offer regional San Diego knowledge and world class service.

When it comes to selling your business, you’ll want to work with a professionally trained, San Diego based business broker associated with a national company.

We are a full-service business brokerage offering:

Business Brokerage – Confidentially Listed San Diego Businesses that are currently for sale.
Business Valuation – Expert Valuation Services are offered at all First Choice Offices.
Access to our large database of potential Buyers, not just in California but around the globe.
Buyer Representation – First Choice Business Sales Professionals guide business Buyers through the business purchasing process.
Large selection of listings not just in California, but across the country.

Advantages of Selling Your Company Using a Business Broker

1. One-On-One Relationship

Sole owners selling their business typically manage this transaction and make business decisions independent of employees. Support from family and friends is helpful with your personal choices and emotions, but where do you get the help you need to make business decisions?

A business broker's role is to offer guidance, reassurance, and confidence in final business decisions.

First Choice Business Brokers aim to build trusted relationships with each client. As your advisor, we offer honest, transparent interactions while we provide actionable advice about the sale of your business and recent developments in the market. We adhere to the industry Code of Ethics and value the highest standards of ethical behavior.

2. Professional Experience And Expertise

People attracted to a career in Business Brokerage arrive with various post-graduate education in business, then become certified Business Brokers. One such prestigious designation is the Certified Business Intermediary offered by the International Business Brokers Association, to those who have proven professional excellence through verified education and exemplary commitment to the industry.

3. Keep Your Interests First

You can take important steps to focus on your current and future interests when you decide it is time to sell. Professionals who have been around the block and seen it all can help you protect yourself. Getting expert help will go a long way to avoiding common pitfalls and distractions to your interests.

First Choice Business Brokers in San Diego accesses a team of lawyers, bankers, accountants, real estate, and insurance brokers to keep your interests first and foremost.

4. Managing The Entire Process

The process of selling your business is anything but simple in a market saturated with companies for sale. The right expertise will manage the sales process from valuation through finding the right buyer to a smooth negotiation and transition.

The FCBB - San Diego will guide you through the process:

      Preparing for sale


      Due diligence

      Finding the right buyer

      Legal documentation


      Transition of ownership

You are the central player in selling, and our team are the workers who manage the entire process for you.

 5. Access To A Network

The simple rule for the sale of any business is to ensure that the maximum number of people see it. With decades of collective experience in the business brokerage sector, FCBB has one of the most extensive networks in the San Diego area. As our client, you can access a comprehensive database of qualified buyers and investors for the best chances to negotiate satisfying conditions of your sale and the right sale price.

 6.No Up-Front Fees

Every Business Broker has its method of charging clients for their services. Fees typically connect to the total enterprise value. You can still compare fees when you understand the terms of the broker's listing or engagement agreements. Those vary widely and can be tricky to navigate, but be assured most fees work out to be very similar.

Almost all sellers will pay an upfront valuation or marketing fees. And it's not unusual for business owners to be required to pay a monthly retainer fee.

First Choice Business Broker - San Diego is different from its competitors, with zero upfront fees to start your sales process. You pay a success fee once the business is sold. We will gladly discuss costs in more detail at your first free consultation in our San Diego office. 

Six Steps Involved in Selling Your Business in San Diego

1. Getting Your Team Ready

The first thing to work on is getting your team ready. Teamwork is your top priority when you decide to sell. A business sale requires expertise from different professions, including attorneys, accountants, bankers, real estate and insurance brokers, and business brokers. The team member who will do the most for you giving you the best value is your business broker. They can coordinate and manage the whole process.

 First Choice Business Broker in San Diego has access to a professional team for legal advice and documentation.

2. Prepare Your Documents

When you want to sell your business, ensure you do everything right to the letter and avoid future repercussions. Check that all documentation conforms to local laws. Your business broker does not provide legal advice but will point you in the right direction when legal advice and documentation are required. You can save a lot of time working with a FCBB - San Diego.

3. Decide On The Pricing

Pricing is often a source of disagreement in business sales. Owners may have an inflated perception of their business value. While buyers are out looking for a deal. An incorrect valuation can sour opportunities for sale to qualified buyers and do irreparable damage to prospects. While having a number in mind is good, owners should know that they might be wrong given market conditions and other factors. Pricing a business too low leaves you with less money. Too high a price and you might not sell your business fast enough. Consulting a business broker will significantly improve the accuracy of your initial sale price, avoiding disagreements and delays.

4. Finding The Right People

Finding the right people to buy your business requires advertising and a marketing plan. If you don't have access to either, then the best advice is to get in touch with a business broker with these resources. They have proven marketing plans to choose from and a vast network of prospects that improves your chances of selling your business to the right people.

5. Handle Negotiations With Diligence

Having a prospective buyer at the table does not indicate the end of the sale process. Being at the table together is an opportunity for due diligence. Both parties will assess the potential of each other to close the deal and transition to successful ownership.

To close the sale, you must be savvy in the art of negotiating a deal. Having a First Choice Business Broker on your side can be an advantage for your negotiation strategy, with considerable experience in San Diego businesses and proven success to achieving negotiation with satisfying results.

6. Aim To Complete The Process Efficiently

Owners, be wary of the timing of your business sale. Moving too quickly may deprive you of optimal value. While being on the market for extended periods may signal to potential buyers that something is wrong.

Experienced business brokers will push through the process quickly and effectively. Timing and efficiency matter!

Selling Your Business-FAQs

1. How do I find how much my business is worth?

While this might be a simple question, the answer is much more complex. Many variables are examined closely by a potential buyer and become involved in setting the right price for a business:

      Management beyond you, who can run the company when you are not there?

      A clean set of financials, accrued income statement, and balance sheet, with high net profit margins

      Recurring streams of revenue, like subscriptions, are favorable

      Competition in the industry

      Barriers to entry into the industry 

      Tangible assets such as cash on hand, equipment, machinery

      Intangible assets such as branding, reputation, or service innovation

      Current economic cycle.

Calculations including these factors are challenging and overwhelming if you don't have the experience. Brokers choose valuation tools that support their sales strategies.

First Choice Business Brokers can help. We create an accurate number for your business using a combination of successful valuation formulas and our experience in the niche.

2. How Quickly Can I Sell My Business?

The more emphasis, time, and money you invest in your business sale, the more opportunity for a reasonable sale period between 6 months and -2 years. Following the advice from professional advisors will minimize the time it takes to sell.

Consult with First Choice Business Brokers to estimate a sales period for your business in today's marketplace.

3. Will My Employees And Customers Find Out If I'm Selling My Business?

People knowing if you're selling your business has much to do with your approach to the sale. Selling under strict confidentiality is best practice, but it might be challenging for an owner to accomplish independently. You might not be able to coordinate the sale and keep it confidential at the same time.

First Choice Business Brokers ensures confidentiality by taking all phone calls and negotiations off the business site and in the San Diego office.

We draft a legally binding Non-disclosure Agreement, signed by the buyer at the correct time. Most buyers favor an NDA because confidentiality is also in their best interests. Any changes to the employee structure or customer contracts significantly impact the valuation.

4. What's The Best Time To Sell My Business?

Answering "Why" you want to sell your business will help to address "When" is the best time. At the same time, remember to keep track of market trends and sell when you can make a profit. But there are also other scenarios to consider.

5. How Important Is It To Hire A Business Broker?

Without the skill set of a business broker and access to professional advice and documentation, a sale is at risk of failing.

Having a business broker on your side has several benefits:

      An accurate valuation

      Knowledge of market conditions and comparables

      The timely, efficient sales process

      Access to a large pool of buyers

      Successful negotiations

      due diligence and risk management

      Successful transition of ownership

6. Can A Business Broker Help Me Sell My Business?

Yes, business brokers are professionally trained and certified to handle business sales, avoiding common pitfalls with proven successful experience. 

FCBB is your valued team in San Diego, with the authority to sell your business. We have been in the niche since 1994 and have considerable experience getting you the right buyer.

 7. Are Business Brokers Expensive?

Most brokers work on a commission paid upon the successful sale. The rate of commision is calculated according to the sale price. For example, if your sale price is $500,000, the commission of 10% means the broker fee is $50,000. Sales below this range may be subject to a minimum commission of $10,000 - $15,000.

 FCBB -San Diego has no initial or up-front costs to start your business engagement. We only get our payment when you have closed your sale.

Visit our San Diego office for a free valuation and advice on broker fees.

8. How Can I Handle Documentation Related To Selling My Business?

Selling a business is a complex transaction that involves a lot of documentation. Consider hiring a professional business brokerage agency to assist you. If you are in San Diego, stop by the office of First Choice Business Brokers for a consultation about the specific documentation required for your business sale.

9. Will My Payments Be One-Time Or Multiple Payments Over Time?

Most often, a seller is credited the whole $ amount at the time of sale. There are cases when sellers opt for financing options which means taking the payments over time.

 10. How Do I Move On After Selling My Business?

Consider your options before putting your business on the market. Speak to family and friends to help you through personal and emotional issues.

      Do you plan to leave the industry and move on to a new venture?

      Do you want to stay involved with the business in a different role than the owner?

      Do you want to retire? And hope that selling your will provide financial security.

Speak to a business advisor who will guide you through the correct sales process depending on your plans following the sale.

 First Choice Business Brokers in San Diego looks forward to long-term business advice to help you in future endeavors following the sale of your business.