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Sergio Delgado

5440 Morehouse Dr Suite 3600

San Diego CA 92121

Cell: (619) 804-2281 / Office: (858) 578-4111

Sergio Delgado was born in Arizona raised in Ecuador, South America. His multi-cultural upbringing and travel has provided extensive opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of many diverse groups of people He speaks English and Spanish fluently and is working on developing his Portuguese. He served in the United States Marine Corps where he further developed his leadership abilities and focused on his education. Upon completion of his military service he attended San Diego State University where he attained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. Sergio's professional experiences where he honed his business skills, financial skills and put his education into practice include such notable companies as Qualcomm Inc and Deloitte & Touche. Between the two companies he has worked as a Financial Analyst doing everything from corporate accounting, financial planning and administration.